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Intralingo World Lit Podcast

Lisa Carter

Exploring and transforming the world and ourselves through books. Are you an armchair traveler? Love expanding your own small world to encounter different countries, voices, cultures & perspectives? Shifting your own views, understanding, and actions in the process? We bring more world lit into your life so you can walk in another's shoes, see from their perspective and cultivate a deeper sense of tolerance, empathy and compassion. Spotlight episodes feature authors and translators from all over this big, beautiful planet of ours. They talk about their books, share their own personal stories, insight into their work and their worlds, delighting, informing, and inspiring us. TBR episodes share what Lisa Carter (an award-winning literary translator, worldlit promoter and reading advocate) has on her shelf, how the books have impacted her, changed her worldview. These are titles you're going to want to add to your pile too. In short, we believe that the more we open ourselves up to the world, the more we cultivate a deeper sense of tolerance, empathy and compassion for "the other." And that can only be good for all of us. We look forward to journeying with you!